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Whether You’re an Employer or an Employee, WorkSteps Can Benefit You!

When hiring new people to work for you, it is important to know they are the right fit and won’t get hurt on the job. With the tests offered by our WorkSteps services, you can help determine if a person is capable of meeting the demands of the job.

Additionally, WorkSteps tests can also pinpoint any areas of weakness that a potential new hire can strengthen. At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we are happy to say we offer these services. Whether you are an employer or an employee, WorkSteps can benefit you. To learn more, contact us today to speak with one of our Covington, Slidell, or Marrero, LA physical therapists!

Who is WorkSteps for?

Quite simply, WorkSteps can benefit anyone, from employees to employers. The 3 main categories of WorkSteps testing includes:

  • New Hires. It is beneficial for new hires to complete Pre-Offer Agility Testing, as well as Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Testing, in order to understand whether or not they can safely perform the demands of the job at hand.
  • Existing Employees. Even if you have been with a company for a period of time, it is still important to frequently complete Post-Employment Physical Agility Testing, to make sure your body is still in shape and able to safely perform your job duties.
  • Injured Workers. If you have been injured at work, WorkSteps can help you return as quickly and safely as possible through Fit for Duty Evaluations and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs).

What WorkSteps tests do you offer? How can I get started?

While there are many facets of WorkSteps, our employee functionality tests are the most popular. As stated by the WorkSteps website, there are two main tests for employment testing: Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing and Fit for Duty Testing.

Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing helps to “Reduce workers’ compensation claims and save money by testing your employment candidate to ensure they can safely do the job.”

Fit for Duty Testing “can help you develop policies and procedures designed to expedite safe return-to-work programming through functional testing.”

Whatever test you or your employees may be in need of, our WorkSteps services can help.

What should I know about testing?

There are 5 main components to WorkSteps testing, which will help you and/or your employees succeed. These include:

  1. Instruction on the essential functions of the job description in question.
  2. Risk profile analysis to determine any problem areas that may need treatment/training.
  3. Strength evaluations, focusing on both static and dynamic aspects, to determine any areas that may be in need of strengthening.
  4. Analysis of cardiovascular status, to check heart health.
  5. Evaluation of musculoskeletal movements, focusing on joint mobility, strength, posture, and overall motion.

How can my company benefit from WorkSteps?

As previously mentioned, WorkSteps benefits both the employees and the employers. Just a few ways WorkSteps can help benefit your company are:

  • Decreasing insurance costs
  • Decreasing the amount of time lost searching for the right candidates by having potential new hires participate in pre-hire employment testing
  • Reducing the turn-over rate of employees
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
  • Reducing the rate of workers’ compensation claims, by making sure employees are safe and capable of performing the duties at hand
  • Allowing a way for injured employees to return to work faster

How can I get started?

If you think WorkSteps tests could benefit you or your employees, don’t hesitate to contact Dynamic Physical Therapy today.

We can help make sure you or your employees are in top shape for the demands of the job, in order to decrease injury risk and make sure everyone is as safe as possible! Contact our Covington, Slidell, or Marrero, LA physical therapy office today to get started.