Your specialized parkinson’s management program

You can gain confidence and improve your daily life through the LSVT BIG program at Dynamic Physical Therapy! We will customize this treatment protocol to meet your unique goals, and help you with everything from walking to writing. The LSVT BIG Program has been developed and researched over the past 25 years and is proven to help decrease your Parkinson’s symptoms.

We have seen our patients with Parkinson’s disease improve in the following ways:

•Faster walking with bigger steps
•Improved balance and decreased fall risk
•Increased trunk rotation and mobility
•Improvements in activities of daily living, such as bed mobility
•Improved Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rather Scale (UPDRS) motor score
Your treatment at Dynamic Physical Therapy will include one-on-one sessions with your therapist, as well as daily carryover exercises and homework practice. The LSVT BIG treatment method is only available to you through a certified physical therapist, and at Dynamic you’ll have access to an entire team who is dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

There is hope for a better future for everyone living with Parkinson’s Disease. Continue your active lifestyle by calling Dynamic Physical Therapy or visiting to schedule your evaluation NOW!

Think BIG, move BIG, live BIG!