Dry Needling

Do you have headaches, joint pain, a pinched nerve, or muscle tenderness? Dry Needling pinpoints the precise cause of muscle-related pain or injury and aids the body in its natural healing process. This technique relieves pain and increases mobility through deactivating “trigger points” in your muscles. When a very thin needle meets the trigger point, your muscle has a biochemical response that restores normal length and function. You will be amazed at how much better you feel after very few treatments!

Dry Needling effeCtively improves:

•Pinched nerves
•Joint dysfunction and lack of flexibility
•Tightness and tenderness in the muscles
•Sprains, strains and other injuries

You Can Expect to Experience:

•Less chronic pain
•Increased mobility
•Improved neuromuscular function
•Increased strength
•More rapid recovery from acute injuries
•Immediate improvement after first treatment

Relieve Your Pain
and release muscle

You’ll soon become one of our many patients who say Dry Needling is unequaled in success for reducing pain and speeding recovery! Schedule your appointment or talk with your Dynamic Physical Therapist about adding Dry Needling to your treatment plan today !