Aquatic Therapy

Jump into recovery at Dynamic Physical Therapy! If you are healing after an injury or surgery, the pool can allow you to begin physical therapy sooner. The minimized gravity environment allows those with chronic pain disorders to experience the benefits of therapy through non-weight bearing exercise. Aquatic Therapy is unique as the pool supports the body while simultaneously providing resistance for effective exercise. No matter what need brings you to Dynamic, Aquatic Therapy can help you take hold of a functional, pain-free future!

Aquatic Therapy Effectively improves:

•Orthopedic + Athletic injuries
•Neuromuscular disorders
•Recovery after joint-replacement
•Musculoskeletal disorders
•Balance disorders
•Spinal conditions
•Cardiopulmonary disorders
•Chronic pain (including Arthritis and Fibromyalgia)
•Immunological disorders
•Weight loss

you can get well in the pool at dynamic

You can expect to experience less pain and fewer muscle spasms, as well as better posture, alignment, and stability as a result of aquatic therapy. Other benefits include greater muscle strength and endurance, increased range of motion and flexibility, and reduced joint stress! You can achieve your wellness goals with Aquatic Therapy at Dynamic!