Entry Points

• Functional Job Analysis
• Ergonomics
• Pre-Work Screening
• Cumulative Trauma Prevention

Injured worker treatment:
• Acute Physical Therapy to treat injury
• Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
• Functional Capacity Evaluation
• Job Analysis
• Medical/Legal Credibility

FCE’s - Workwell/Isernhagen

• Fast Track return to work
• 2 day Test, 1 day testing available in certain cases
• Extensive Musculoskeletal Evaluation
• Comparison of the Worker to the Work
• Suggestions for return to work, modifications and transitional work as indicated
• Quick report turnaround
• Determines safe maximums or sub maximum effort and self limiting behavior
• Experienced in deposition and court testimony

Pre-Work Screening - Worksteps Testing

• Thorough Medical History
• Extensive Musculoskeletal Exam
• Dynamic Lifting
• Job specific testing
• Job Site analysis performed if applicable

Acute intervention for the injured worker

• Back School
• Proper lifting techniques
• Functional exercises and tasks to assist in return to work
• Communication and coordination with a team approach between the PT, the referring physician, occupational medicine/industry physician, case manager, adjuster, vocational rehabilitation counselor and employer as indicated

Work Conditioning

• Exercises combined with body mechanics training during work simulated lifts and tasks, performed with supervision by Physical Therapist for safe performance
• 3-5x a week
• 2-4 hours per session