Couldn’t Believe I Was Feeling Better In A Week!

My Dynamic journey began about 3 months ago. We were going to a different physical therapy clinic, but we were not given one on one attention, not to mention we saw a different physical therapist each week. We switched to Dynamic which was amazing! Within the first week my ankle was feeling so much better! We had new exercises each week and they customized them just for me. Thank you so much Mrs. Kristian and Ms. Amber for making my ankle feel so much better!

Straight from the Voice of Mike

I was diagnosed with a partially torn right rotator cuff back in Nov. 2015.  During my rehab, I can honestly say the best thing that happened to me was being referred to the consummate professionals at Dynamic Physical Therapy.  Dynamic’s quality, knowledgeable staff performed their magic instrumental in helping me return to an excellent range of motion through their challenging and ever-changing therapy sessions.  The staff literally guided me to, as their slogan goes, “Get Well!”  Their genuine concern coupled with excellent state-of-the-art techniques and equipment definitely helped me make a much-needed recovery.  The entire staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy goes out of their way to ensure the patient’s needs are first and foremost on their road (Plan) to recovery.  The staff challenged me in a positive way to achieve my and their goal of me Getting Well.  Their efforts and willingness being there for me is something I will always appreciate.  I feel I made some nice friendships along the way and as a “graduate” will wear my Dynamic Physical Therapy t-shirt proudly!  Best of luck to the other clients in their recovery process and to the committed, outgoing staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy.  They’re definitely First Class!!                    

                                                                        Mike B. Pervel

Mr. Mike,

Thank you so much for the kind words. As someone that came in everyday and gave 100% effort, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your time with us because we definitely enjoyed having you. Your friendly and caring personality will be missed here and you are welcome and wanted back for a visit any time you'd like!

                                                                        Kristian Spano, PT

Mr. Mike,

I personally want to thank you for bringing your wonderful smile with you to PT everday, it is a contagious smile and I’m sure helped uplift those around you.  Steve and I also want to thank you for getting us and Dynamic Physical Therapy involved in donating to the Samaritan Center.  Thanks for always putting our kids and schools in the spot light in such a positive manner!  We appreciate the work you do too!

                                                                        Michelle & Steve Sierra

Fearing physical therapy… and realizing it’s not so bad!

After two scopes on my knee that were not successful and very disappointing, I never thought I would have a total knee surgery.

Taking care of my mother-in-law took a toll on my health; including my knee. One of my injuries were due to waking up during the night to take care of my mother-in-law and falling in the darkness. After she passed, I made the decision to get a total knee. I did fear rehab, but all of you made it very easy and helped me so much to work hard.So I take my hat off to the wonderful work you all do at Dynamic Physical Therapy. Love you all! – Marie Looney

Mrs. Marie, We will miss you! I enjoyed our quality time so much, and I am so glad you got well. Keep your chin up, keep working hard, and you’ll reach all of your goals! – Kristian

Fully believe that all of our therapists can help you through anything.

I had hip replacement on April 3rd and by early May needed physical therapy to regain my ability to walk without severely limping.

Ryan, with the assistance of Jordan and Emily, put me through my paces and ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly. Toward the end of my sessions, (the PT) Emily and Chelsea occasionally stood in, but the continuity of care was always evident. My doctor was so pleased with my progress at my 12-week check-up that he pronounced me at least a month ahead of schedule in my progress.

I can happily say that I can walk without a limp and do almost everything I could do prior to the onset of the hip arthritis which precipitated the hip replacement surgery! Go Dynamic Physical Therapy! You guys rock! And it was always fun to be there – even when it hurt! – Kathleen

Mrs. Gibbs, You’ve chosen to return to Dynamic as a patient multiple times and I have grown more fond of you each time. Your witty banter is always refreshing, and your trivial knowledge has been impressive. You did so well with your hip. Take good care of that hip and back. Lastly, thank you for the delicious treats! – Ryan


I came to Michelle for pelvic floor physical therapy very late in 2012 after a referral by my Ob-Gyn. I had tried therapy before to correct incontinence, but I had little success. In 2011, I had pelvic reconstruction surgery that weakened the muscles even more, but a relocation to Louisiana precluded any post-op therapy at that time.

Michelle worked with me for several months helping to train the muscles (and me!) and try different methods to see what would be the most effective. As a result of the therapy/training, I have not had any leakage since. In my opinion, that is the greatest benefit of this therapy.

Michelle is sensitive to her client’s physical needs and – just as importantly – to her client’s emotional needs. This is a very embarrassing subject for most women, and Michelle knows just how to deal with the physical problem and the concomitant sensitivities. – Kathy Gibbs

Mrs. Kathy, Thank you so much for sharing your success with the Women’s Health Program. Your courage to share your story will hopefully help others that suffer with the same symptoms to get well too! From an Air Force Brat to an Army Brat, we could relate to each other from the onset which surely made it easy! You hard work, commitment, and dedication were surely your success in the program! Thank you for your kind words in how your felt like I helped you get through it! – Michelle

Military Muscle #Biceps

“I walked into the office with a shattered left wrist and two broken elbows. I was pretty depressed that I would never fly an Army helicopter or be able to do a push up again.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would look forward to walking into the comedy club of Ryan and Jourdan. Never a dull moment! Made the hour and a half seem like nothing.

My first appointment, I was not able to lift a 10lb weight. 2 months later at my last appointment, I was able to do 55 push ups. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have the range or strength I have now.

Have fun, stick with it…and GET WELL! Thank you again Ryan and Jourdan!

Love you guys!”

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