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Patients now have  Unrestricted Access to Physical Therapy. This change brings Louisiana in line with the other 43 states and aligns us with national models of care. Research shows Direct Access patients had 86% fewer visits on average than referred patients. Direct Access is safe. HPSO, the largest professional liability carrier for Physical Therapists in the United States has concluded there is ZERO RISK to the public when patients access Physical Therapists without a referral. All licensed Physical Therapists in the nation are educated under the same model of a CAPTE accredited program at a doctorate level and pass National Licensure Exam. Although how to access physical therapy has changed, no longer requiring a physician's referral, the practice of physical therapy is still the same. Click here to learn more.  

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Straight from the Voice of Mike

I was diagnosed with a partially torn right rotator cuff back in Nov. 2015.  During my rehab, I can honestly say the best thing that happened to me was being referred to the consummate professionals at Dynamic Physical Therapy.  Dynamic’s quality, knowledgeable staff performed their magic instrumental in helping me return to an excellent range of motion through their challenging and ever-changing therapy sessions.  The staff literally guided me to, as their slogan goes, “Get Well!”  Their genuine concern coupled with excellent state-of-the-art techniques and equipment definitely helped me make a much-needed recovery.  The entire staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy goes out of their way to ensure the patient’s needs are first and foremost on their road (Plan) to recovery.  The staff challenged me in a positive way to achieve my and their goal of me Getting Well.  Their efforts and willingness being there for me is something I will always appreciate.  I feel I made some nice friendships along the way and as a “graduate” will wear my Dynamic Physical Therapy t-shirt proudly!  Best of luck to the other clients in their recovery process and to the committed, outgoing staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy.  They’re definitely First Class!!                    

                                                                        Mike B. Pervel

Mr. Mike,

Thank you so much for the kind words. As someone that came in everyday and gave 100% effort, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your time with us because we definitely enjoyed having you. Your friendly and caring personality will be missed here and you are welcome and wanted back for a visit any time you'd like!

                                                                        Kristian Spano, PT

Mr. Mike,

I personally want to thank you for bringing your wonderful smile with you to PT everday, it is a contagious smile and I’m sure helped uplift those around you.  Steve and I also want to thank you for getting us and Dynamic Physical Therapy involved in donating to the Samaritan Center.  Thanks for always putting our kids and schools in the spot light in such a positive manner!  We appreciate the work you do too!

                                                                        Michelle & Steve Sierra