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At Dynamic, we offer a state of the art physical therapy clinic, in two locations Covington, LA and Marerro, LA. Owners, Steve and Michelle Sierra have made it their mission to help you GET WELL! Dynamic offers everything from aquatics therapy, to work injury recovery and testing, pre/post surgery care, and everything in between! Dynamic is the premiere physical therapy clinic servicing the greater New Orleans area. Come experience the Dynamic Difference and GET WELL!


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Wow...what a success story! Thank you to Mrs. Elizabeth Goodman for such high remarks and congratulations on a successful rehab. It has been a pleasure having you in our clinic and will miss your smiling face and kind words!

March 30, 2015

Dear Michelle & Stephen,
You are to be commended for assembling the most remarkable team of professionals dedicated to the ideals of helping so many “Get Well!” I am beyond grateful that Dr. Mark Hontas sent me your way! I have to be honest when I say that I came into the clinic with a lot of uncertainty, especially coming off of a less than positive experience, elsewhere, just weeks before. Amazing how pain and discouragement plays on the psyche! On my first visit, Ryan reminded me that “not all physical therapy clinics are created equal.” A simple, yet, hopeful and empowering statement!!! Ryan, Sherry, and Jourdan, along with Chelsea, Stephanie and Emily all played such pivotal roles in helping me accomplish my goals. Each and every one truly embodies the perfect balance of knowledge, science and compassion all dispensed with a healthy dose of positive, upbeat energy. I never thought I would be sad to be leaving PT. I will miss each of them, and yet, hope that our paths may one day cross again. There is a saying that goes:

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children…to leave the world a better place…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

May each night, as you rest your head to sleep, you know in your heart, that you and every person in the Covington clinic have truly succeeded!

One last thought…I believe deeply in doing all in my power to help others. My past life experiences have influenced my appreciation for the gifts of today. I pray that I count my blessings each day for those who have touched my life so profoundly, starting with my two heavenly angels, my first husband and our first son. What a gift to have known my first husband for 17 years and what a priceless treasure to be able to hold our first son in my arms for his short life of 13 days. How very precious to have found another great love and to witness with such joy, my 30 year old son embrace each day with his own son and true love, as we await the birth of their daughter.

I believe William Penn said it best when he wrote:

If there is any kindness I can show,
Or any good thing I can do
To any fellow human being,
Let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it,
As I shall not pass this way again.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference, or to share my story with anyone. I will definitely put something out on Facebook next week after my last session, and I will send a similar letter to Dr. Mark Hontas. This letter is meant to touch the hearts of those in your office who have meant so very much to me these past two months. They are all counted in the chapter of my life’s blessings!

I thank you with all of my heart,

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Our patients are the best! Thanks to Christie Moreau for supplying a delicious lunch for our entire Northshore clinic! We appreciate your kindness and for making our Friday a little bit better :) (2 photos) ...

Military Muscle #Biceps

Josh Paille blog

“I walked into the office with a shattered left wrist and two broken elbows. I was pretty depressed that I would never fly an Army helicopter or be able to do a push up again.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would look forward to walking into the comedy club of Ryan and Jourdan. Never a dull moment! Made the hour and a half seem like nothing.

My first appointment, I was not able to lift a 10lb weight. 2 months later at my last appointment, I was able to do 55 push ups. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have the range or strength I have now.

Have fun, stick with it…and GET WELL! Thank you again Ryan and Jourdan!

Love you guys!”


Dreams of College Football Restored!

Ethan Byrd

Thank you Ethan!!

“I hurt my knee in late August. I thought my football season was over, I cried and cried. I started physical therapy here at Dynamic and from the start, the experience was amazing.

Every single person on the staff was absolutely amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more. They helped me get back on the field practicing in a month. I was almost sure I was out for the season, but the staff here at Dynamic helped me make a full, speedy recovery. I was back playing the game at full speed in just a little over a month!

My dreams of playing college football have been restored thanks to the whole staff. I appreciate the help everyone has given to me. Thanks, Dynamic!”

Frozen Joints Have How Defrosted

Iris May
When I came to Dynamic, I was in pain and unable to bend my and I said it twice. – Mrs. Iris May

Mrs. Iris, It was great to get to work with you to help improve your ankle flexibility. We are so sad to see you go, but I am glad that you have improved your motion! I hope you are able to return to playing volleyball soon! – Emily


Fully believe that all of our therapists can help you through anything.

Kathleen Gibbs1

I came to Michelle for pelvic floor physical therapy very late in 2012 after a referral by my Ob-Gyn. I had tried therapy before to correct incontinence, but I had little success. In 2011, I had pelvic reconstruction surgery that weakened the muscles even more, but a relocation to Louisiana precluded any post-op therapy at that time.

Michelle worked with me for several months helping to train the muscles (and me!) and try different methods to see what would be the most effective. As a result of the therapy/training, I have not had any leakage since. In my opinion, that is the greatest benefit of this therapy.

Michelle is sensitive to her client’s physical needs and – just as importantly – to her client’s emotional needs. This is a very embarrassing subject for most women, and Michelle knows just how to deal with the physical problem and the concomitant sensitivities. – Kathy Gibbs

Mrs. Kathy, Thank you so much for sharing your success with the Women’s Health Program. Your courage to share your story will hopefully help others that suffer with the same symptoms to get well too! From an Air Force Brat to an Army Brat, we could relate to each other from the onset which surely made it easy! You hard work, commitment, and dedication were surely your success in the program! Thank you for your kind words in how your felt like I helped you get through it! – Michelle

Kathleen Gibbs2

I had hip replacement on April 3rd and by early May needed physical therapy to regain my ability to walk without severely limping.

Ryan, with the assistance of Jordan and Emily, put me through my paces and ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly. Toward the end of my sessions, (the PT) Emily and Chelsea occasionally stood in, but the continuity of care was always evident. My doctor was so pleased with my progress at my 12-week check-up that he pronounced me at least a month ahead of schedule in my progress.

I can happily say that I can walk without a limp and do almost everything I could do prior to the onset of the hip arthritis which precipitated the hip replacement surgery! Go Dynamic Physical Therapy! You guys rock! And it was always fun to be there – even when it hurt! – Kathleen

Mrs. Gibbs, You’ve chosen to return to Dynamic as a patient multiple times and I have grown more fond of you each time. Your witty banter is always refreshing, and your trivial knowledge has been impressive. You did so well with your hip. Take good care of that hip and back. Lastly, thank you for the delicious treats! – Ryan

Fearing physical therapy... and realizing it's not so bad!

Marie Looney

After two scopes on my knee that were not successful and very disappointing, I never thought I would have a total knee surgery.

Taking care of my mother-in-law took a toll on my health; including my knee. One of my injuries were due to waking up during the night to take care of my mother-in-law and falling in the darkness. After she passed, I made the decision to get a total knee. I did fear rehab, but all of you made it very easy and helped me so much to work hard. So I take my hat off to the wonderful work you all do at Dynamic Physical Therapy. Love you all! – Marie Looney

Mrs. Marie, We will miss you! I enjoyed our quality time so much, and I am so glad you got well. Keep your chin up, keep working hard, and you’ll reach all of your goals! – Kristian