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At Dynamic, we offer a state of the art physical therapy clinic, in two locations Covington, LA and Marerro, LA. Owners, Steve and Michelle Sierra have made it their mission to help you GET WELL! Dynamic offers everything from aquatics therapy, to work injury recovery and testing, pre/post surgery care, and everything in between! Dynamic is the premiere physical therapy clinic servicing the greater New Orleans area. Come experience the Dynamic Difference and GET WELL!


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Josue, one of our westbank technicians who has been with us for a few months, has a knack for knowing how to make our patients laugh. He is a great multi-tasker and we're glad to have him on our team! ...

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Identifying the source of the problem? Not a problem at Dynamic.

I was having severe back and shoulder pain, so my doctor recommended Michelle Sierra. She set me up on an aggressive program of physical therapy and specialized exercises.

It was not easy and required persistence to work through the pain. Michelle was very encouraging and good at explaining that strengthening my back and shoulders was the best course of action to break the vicious cycle of pain and inactivity.

After many weeks of doing Michelle’s exercises, I found myself improving and in less pain than I have been for a long while! I am gradually becoming more and more able to do most of the activities I was able to do before! I am so very grateful to Michelle and her team! – Ann Moores

Ms. Ann, Against all odds is the best way to describe your success! You are such a strong person that certainly didn’t let any obstacles get in your way. Your success story makes it sound so easy… considering you are already in such great shape and were very active. It was a challenge to make sure we figured out what you needed most! Your consistency surely paid off! Thanks for your kind words! – Michelle

Ann Moores

Being open to new therapy (aquatics) and never giving up!

I have old spinal and right shoulder injuries. My shoulder dropped 4 inches. My body was lopsided, I had trouble walking and doing some very basic things for myself. My pain level 10++.

It was time for physical therapy yet again. I have been here quite a few times over the years. This was my first time at Dynamic Physical Therapy, and my first experience with aquatics. Aquatic therapy has made a world of difference.

Today my pain level is 3/4 out of 10 and I am taking only a fraction of pain medicine. But the most important thing is I feel ready to leave. I will continue doing my exercises to stay well.

Thank you Kristian for land therapy and all techs. Thank you Jeff for aquatics– You challenge me and kept me going even when I wanted to quit! P.S. I am no longer lopsided. – Mary Jo Tynes

Ms. Mary Jo, To say I’m pleased with your progress is a huge understatement! Both Jeff and I couldn’t be happier to see you discharging with such a huge smile on your face. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to therapy! – Kristian and Jeff

Mary Jo Tynes Mary Jo Tynes1

Investing in our patients - That's the Dynamic Difference

While I am still recovering from my hip surgery I have come a long way from the first visit to Dynamic. The staff is always cheerful and caring for my well-being. I feel a personal bond with the staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Dynamic to any one needing physical therapy. – Virgie Kraus

Mrs. Virgie, How sad we are to see you go cannot be expressed in words. However, to see your progress and watch you walk out of our clinic after some bumps in the road makes me feel proud and so happy for you. I hope we cross paths soon and in good health. – Ryan

Virgie Kraus

The light at the end of the tunnel (and many candles a long the way)

I started coming to Dynamic at the recommendation of my doctor because I was living in constant level 10 pain from degenerative bone disease in my back with a spinal stenosis in my lumbar region. Aquatic therapy was recommended to strengthen my core muscles to help manage the pain. Stephen showed me different exercises to be done in the pool to accomplish my goal.

After a few set backs, I slowly started feeling improvement. Before I knew it, my pain level was at a 7. The dedication of everyone involved with my therapy – Stephen, Michelle, Stephanie, Sean, Emily, and Jeff – wouldn’t let me give up. They encouraged me every step of the way. My pain level has dropped to an amazing level 2. The team at Dynamic has changed my life, and I will forever be thankful and grateful for each of them.

Ms. Deborah, You never gave up and gave 110% of yourself in therapy, and out. Even though there were some hiccups a long the way, your dedication is what got you to this point. Your story is so rewarding to us and we appreciate you sharing it with us. Please come back and visit. – Stephen

Deborah Hextall

Knowing your body and when to get the help you need

After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, my range of motion was extremely poor in addition to neck and shoulder pain. After several weeks of trying to tackle this myself, I decided to lower my pride and get the help I needed.

Within a week, Michelle at Dynamic Physical Therapy pinpointed my issues of excessive scar tissue, adhesions, hypersensitivity nerve generation, and poor range of motion.

Michelle and her staff were very helpful with educating me about what my body was experiencing. Before coming to Dynamic Physical Therapy, I was barely able to lift a gallon of milk or raise my arms more than 50%. Now, I am able to weight train again and lift my arms with 100% range of motion. I cannot say enough about Michelle and her team. Michelle is a remarkable therapist, very efficient, caring, and qualified.

I will definitely recommend Dynamic Physical Therapy to family and friends if they ever need a positive rehab experience. – Cindy B. Sanzone

Cindy, I truly enjoyed working with you! You are an amazing woman that has been through a lot but you sure don’t seem like you let it get you down. I love your research, take charge, and get it done attitude. It was certainly your strength in reaching your PT goals and getting there so quickly. Best of luck on hopefully what proves to be your last bout of surgery! Thank you for your kind words. – Michelle

Cindy Sanzone


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