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At Dynamic, we offer a state of the art physical therapy clinic, in two locations Covington, LA and Marerro, LA. Owners, Steve and Michelle Sierra have made it their mission to help you GET WELL! Dynamic offers everything from aquatics therapy, to work injury recovery and testing, pre/post surgery care, and everything in between! Dynamic is the premiere physical therapy clinic servicing the greater New Orleans area. Come experience the Dynamic Difference and GET WELL!


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We're saying goodbye to a phenomenal woman who has been a staple at Dynamic for many years. Angie is moving on but we are lucky to have had her for so long. She is truly loved by everyone here at Dynamic, staff and patients alike! We wish her all the best in her new endeavors! (2 photos) ...

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Ms. Dorothy came to Dynamic in the spring to treat her lower back pain and left going back to gardening. She knew that once her knee started giving her trouble that we were more than willing to get her moving again. Our therapists like to argue over who gets to take the picture with her. ;) (3 photos) ...

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Happy Football Friday everyone! <3 DPT ...

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I am thankful to know that there is a place for me to receive the help I need for my chronic back pain. I am always greeted by my name with smiles & words of encouragement... by everyone. After first relieving pain, they all seem to work together to make sure you are moving smoothly from one exercise to another and performing the exercises correctly. Thanks for always accommodating my needs. Michelle & Stephen, you are both awesome! - Ms. Ann ...

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Mr. Bruce is counting all of his successes at Dynamic. He was in the Navy for many years and did heavy duty work which took a toll on his knees. He was with Kristian and Chelsea for 1 1/2 months and is now able to climb stairs and walk 10,000 steps/day with NO pain! His dedication to becoming active again was a huge factor in his success. We'll miss you Mr. Bruce! ...

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Fully believe that all of our therapists can help you through anything.


I came to Michelle for pelvic floor physical therapy very late in 2012 after a referral by my Ob-Gyn. I had tried therapy before to correct incontinence, but I had little success. In 2011, I had pelvic reconstruction surgery that weakened the muscles even more, but a relocation to Louisiana precluded any post-op therapy at that time.

Michelle worked with me for several months helping to train the muscles (and me!) and try different methods to see what would be the most effective. As a result of the therapy/training, I have not had any leakage since. In my opinion, that is the greatest benefit of this therapy.

Michelle is sensitive to her client’s physical needs and – just as importantly – to her client’s emotional needs. This is a very embarrassing subject for most women, and Michelle knows just how to deal with the physical problem and the concomitant sensitivities. – Kathy Gibbs

Mrs. Kathy, Thank you so much for sharing your success with the Women’s Health Program. Your courage to share your story will hopefully help others that suffer with the same symptoms to get well too! From an Air Force Brat to an Army Brat, we could relate to each other from the onset which surely made it easy! You hard work, commitment, and dedication were surely your success in the program! Thank you for your kind words in how your felt like I helped you get through it! – Michelle

Kathleen Gibbs2

I had hip replacement on April 3rd and by early May needed physical therapy to regain my ability to walk without severely limping.

Ryan, with the assistance of Jordan and Emily, put me through my paces and ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly. Toward the end of my sessions, (the PT) Emily and Chelsea occasionally stood in, but the continuity of care was always evident. My doctor was so pleased with my progress at my 12-week check-up that he pronounced me at least a month ahead of schedule in my progress.

I can happily say that I can walk without a limp and do almost everything I could do prior to the onset of the hip arthritis which precipitated the hip replacement surgery! Go Dynamic Physical Therapy! You guys rock! And it was always fun to be there – even when it hurt! – Kathleen

Mrs. Gibbs, You’ve chosen to return to Dynamic as a patient multiple times and I have grown more fond of you each time. Your witty banter is always refreshing, and your trivial knowledge has been impressive. You did so well with your hip. Take good care of that hip and back. Lastly, thank you for the delicious treats! – Ryan

Kathleen Gibbs1

Fearing physical therapy... and realizing it's not so bad!

After two scopes on my knee that were not successful and very disappointing, I never thought I would have a total knee surgery.

Taking care of my mother-in-law took a toll on my health; including my knee. One of my injuries were due to waking up during the night to take care of my mother-in-law and falling in the darkness. After she passed, I made the decision to get a total knee. I did fear rehab, but all of you made it very easy and helped me so much to work hard. So I take my hat off to the wonderful work you all do at Dynamic Physical Therapy. Love you all! – Marie Looney

Mrs. Marie, We will miss you! I enjoyed our quality time so much, and I am so glad you got well. Keep your chin up, keep working hard, and you’ll reach all of your goals! – Kristian

Marie Looney

Westbank Past Patient Appreciation Party!

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A Military Man participates in A Run to Remember within 2 weeks of being at Dynamic.



My surgeon prescribed physical therapy after he replaced my right hip. My home health therapist suggested several Covington locations. After conducting an analysis of alternatives, Dynamic Physical Therapy met my requirements. My criteria was rigorous. Because of my Air Force service I have used physical therapy facilities at the United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Co., a world-class facility with a highly trained staff.

My first evaluation visit confirmed that I made the right suggestion. Steve and Michelle Sierra have established a professional environment, staffed with highly skilled personnel, who are genuinely interested in making you leave every session better than when you arrived.

When I arrived at Dynamic Physical Therapy on 30 May 2014, I had a goal of walking the one-mile portion of “A Run to Remember”, the fundraiser sponsored by Dynamic Physical on 14 June 2014. I not only walked the mile 5 weeks after surgery, I was able to walk 1 1/2 miles daily one week prior to the event. I attribute my success to the expert staff at Dynamic Physical Therapy! THANKS!! – Dan Simek


Dan Simek


Age doesn't matter. Our therapists treat everyone with the same high quality treatments.

Alexandria Duran Alexandria has returned to gymnastics without fear of having her knee buckle!

Christopher Barbot Chris is back to having a functioning and strengthened knee.

Jay Sigl Jay’s shoulder doesn’t hurt him anymore! He has gained a lot of range of motion back.

Joanne BreauxMs. Joanne’s posture has improved significantly and her neck pain has decreased as a result of being at Dynamic!


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